Our day in Balibrea


Today was our first day of the CEE VBS that we came to run.  The kids started arriving as early as 7am!  Many of them played on the jungle gym, the trampoline, and soccer on the field.  

After VBS was done for the morning, we went onto Lunch and then work projects.  

Our team of Eli and Dauna, Keira, Lydia, and Dayna went to Balibrea to drop off stoves and water filter systems with Pastor Noel.  Melody volunteered to translate for us.  We are thankful for all our translators.

We entered the home of a boy named Jonathan and his little brother Nelson.  His mother seemed so appreciative for the stove and the filter.  Behind them in this picture is all the drinking water they had in their house at the time and they had to walk a long way to fill up the bottles with clean water.  

Then we went to get the second house.  This was the home of a single mom named Maria.  She worked in a restaurant washing dishes and leaves the house from 5:30 and comes home at 6:30.  She built her house herself (with the kids) and it has been 7 years she's been working on it.  It is almost finished.  Her daughters are 7, 16, and 17 and her son is 10.  She could not stop thanking us for the stove and the water filter.   

I have to be short...these pictures took really long to upload and KAL needs to blog before bed...

~Dauna for Keira, Lydia, Dayna, Ema and Eli and Dauna

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