VBS has begun!


Today was day 2 of VBS Everest.  We had almost 100 children show up today and they begin to show up at 7 am!  We register the children and give them a colour tshirt depending on their age. It is great to see a rainbow of kids running around - and it really helps to keep track of all the kids when you can look for someone in a bright orange shirt. The kids here can be quite wild, especially some of the boys!

Our team colours!

Please pray for the youth as they work with these children.  The days are really hot and we are not used to the conditions.  So far we are mostly well, but the usual issues are starting to show up.  After a full morning of running around after the kids, we have lunch and then we begin the work!  All the youth are working hard!  We are painting, building, delivering stoves and water purifiers, breaking rocks for a better football field. Many others as well.

We are all looking forward to our skype call tonight!

Thank you for your prayers.  Please keep praying for strength and health and safety issues.

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