Honduras 2015 : Day 6 K.A.L ;p

 Kaitlyn - Abigail - Lydia 

Hey fans!!!!

Most of you probably know what went on today if you showed up to the video call, but we'll fill you in on what goes on in the now.

Elijah has a fever kind of hovering around 100 right now, and Kaitlyn is playing doctor in the back room with him holding a wet cloth to his forehead.  

Grace decided to stay over tonight with the girls for a sleepover and so Abigail is probably trying to get her to stop talking right now because it is WAAAY past her bed time.  

VBS today was really hot, again. Things went pretty normally.  We're noticing that kids here come to the camp and don't tend to pay attention, and we realized that it is probably because it's not safe for them to casually just take a walk to their friend's house around the block when they're bored. They finally recieved the opportunity to see their friends and talk to them for a whole week and they took it.  We're trying to figure out just how much slack to cut them when  they don't pay attention to activities. 

Work projects went on today and Lydia, Kierra and Abigail all took turns between pick axing and shoveling the drive way and taking care of Zach and Grace.

Cameron gets a name drop every night now even though nothing worth mentioning happens with him.

The food is still good, weather is still hot, sun is still beating.

Seeing you all today on the video call was nice, we can't wait to see you in person.

Thank you for reading our longs blogs, and goodnight.


We know u luv us,



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