Hi mom, it's me!

 KT !! 

hey mommmyyy!!!

I miss youu!!! I cant beleive i didn't see your pretty face at the skype call, can't you just love me hahaha!;)


This has literally been the best trip of my life so far! I cant believe that tomorrow is our last day at the school! I have learnt so many new things on this trip and got to experience sooo many cool things so far! I went out for dinner with a local family last night and they treated myself and cora to a yummy meal and then took us downtown to walk around and get ice cream! Today I visted Balibrea which is the part with lots of poverty. Abigal,Cassie,Gloria,Caleb,Cameron and myself got to bring them water filters and stoves! It was soo eye opening its crazy. We legit walked down like a 90 degree hill and and I could for sure feel my legs burning. Oh I have yet to cry here holding strong. I was not feeling the greatest the other day but I advil, a nap and lots of water made me feel so much better! I love it here so much !!!!!!!


I will share lots when I get home! This picture of the little girls and myself is from Balibrea when we ran the VBS there, the little girl on my lap I fed her lunch with my fingers and chilled with her all day she was the cutest. I don't even know where to go with the stuff I have done !





I have helped paint the walls in the kindergarden area and will show you pictures of it, Yesterday I helped with the caseta and today I broke up bricks to extend the soccer field.



Today when we went to Balibrea we got to ride on the back of the pastors truck and we all had so much fun doing it !!




Tonight when we got the chance to visit Dave and Esthers house which is around the corner from the school so we walked over and snapped a group picture of all of us infront of the school after !



Anyways heres some pictures of me! I will see you soon enough and make sure you please get me a tea and bring my phone fully charged!!




KT :)

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