Work - Work - Work

 Trying hard to get all the jobs done! 

We have come to the end of day 4 of VBS and we realize that we only have 1 full day of work left!  Help.  We have lots to do tomorrow!

Some of our Honduran CEE team members.  A great group of teens who we are getting used to each other and becoming friends. We are learning things from them and they are learning things from our teens.

Tonight we got to go and visit our missionary host, Dave and Esther Bettney, at their home.  Very typical of a Honduran home, with a wall around barbed wire all around the top.  

Very different from Canada, but once you get inside, it feels like a little oasis!

On our walk home we stopped for a picture outside the school sign. 

Please pray for strength and health.  We have one day left to work. Time is flying by.  The team is working very well together so please continue to pray for unity in our group.  


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