Good Times In Honduras Part 2: Puzzles with Missing Pieces


So it's the one week point of the Honduras missions trip and we are running a VBS and we are tired, some are ready to go, some aren't ready. Problems have arose and solved. Sports camp is running very smoothy. I hung around the children before and after VBS and I've adopted a "copy-cat" today by accident (much to my shirgrin) and we bonded a tiny bit, I hope to see that kid again to we can talk more.

We were in Balibrae to deliver stoves and I discover how they live with so little and it's maddening. They live in mud, clay, and some parents are very young or just aren't there.

My library work continues as I label and shelve books, and now I'm organizing the games and figuring out what's useless. We get the occasional "USELESS!!!!!" from Esther or myself when we find something we don't need. I attempted to solve SEVEN PUZZLES and finished ONE, THREE had pieces missing and I have TWO in progress, and THREE puzzles have too many pieces.

This is likely to be my final part of the blog, so special call out to WHYouth group, Bob, Warren, the Bettneys and the CEE volunteers who helped us in the past week.

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