Oil paint disaster!


Painting with paint from Honduras is disasterous!  As for me, I got it all over my shirt, a little on my shorts, and all over my body.  The only way I could figure out how to take it off was to use watered down paint thinner.  And that still didn't take it all off!  It is frustrating, but the things we made totes made up for it.  We painted the seven days of creation on the walls of the kindergarden area, and we painted Jonah and the big whale scene.  And we painted the Lord is my Shepherd and lots of little sheep.  And we also painted the roof of the jungle gym so that when school starts kids can come out of the new casetta we are building for their lunchroom and play (with a fresh roof) until school starts up again.  We also repainted the letters outside the wall of the school.  I am now going to be coming home with oil painted clothes because they don't wash out!  Even though this paint doesn't come out, it was a lot of fun painting.

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