After the Work!

 Wonderful time in Tela - beautiful people - beautiful beaches 

Friday night we had a party!  We gathered with our Honduran team and built a camp fire on the bricks out side the Commodore.  A great way to say good bye and exchange gifts.  We really appreciated the team of translators, who bailed us out SOOOO many times with Spanish.  We also made great friends and I'm sure facebook will be busy as we connect across the Gulf of Mexico!

Saturday came and we spent the morning cleaning up the school and our work project areas. 

The Caseta, a huge project, started before we came with concrete pad and posts, then steel roof beams. We began the wood section and worked all week.  Still some to do, but the school was very excited about their new addition to their campus!  Thanks to all the youth and leaders, they work very hard in the heat. Sometimes doing things they didn't enjoy, but there was not a day they did not show up and work very hard!

We completed all the mural painting. We worked on three areas of the Kinder area of the school.  Painting with oil paint in the heat was very difficult, be we got it done. We also painted the outside wall of the school.  Very hot and dusty in the Honduras afternoon sun!

So many other jobs were done around the school. Working in the Library was a big help to Esther as she gets ready for the school year, and putting a weather proof stain and fixing the jungle gym.  All great jobs done in the heat of Honduras.  Thank you team!!

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