Beautiful Tela and the beach.

 A well deserved rest! 

From Siguateqeque we traveled about 3 1/2 hours to the beach town of Tela.  We went from the highlands of central Honduras down to the coast, and the heat was a shock!  We were very thankful that we did not have to work all trip in those conditions!

We met some very interesting people, some played soccer on the beach with some local youth, and relaxed for a day in a very beautiful part of the world!

Then on our last night in Honduras we had a wonderful meal on the beach.  Seafood soup, with a whole crab and fish head, plus all sorts of "other" wonders!  There was whole fish meal and then hamburgers and chicken fingers for the less adventurous.

We had a wonderful rest and Dave and Esther were so helpful in making this whole trip happen.  We ended the night giving them a thankyou card (at least we think it was a thankyou card as it was in Spanish :)


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