Final Day Adventures

 From Beautiful Tela's beaches - to chaos! 

Our final day began with beautiful sunrise over the Carribean Sea, an early morning swim for some, a beautiful veiw while we ate breakfast, and then a quick packing of the bus.  We said goodbye to some lovely people and the wonderful ocean.

We then hit the road to San Pedro airport.  Usually about a 1 hour drive.  Then we ran into a political protest.  Protestors had blocked a key bridge on the road and no one was going to get through.  Help.  Our plane was leaving at 1 pm.  Some helpful Hondurans told us there was a road that would bypass the bridge so we gave it a try!!

What an adventure that was.  The bus driver had no idea where he was going, and we kept asking people if we were headed in the right direction.  The road even went through a local river!

Through one small town the main road was covered in water, until we realized it wasn't water but sewage.  A reminder of the tremendous dicotomy of rich and very poor living in the beautiful country of Honduras.

The only casulty of our little detour was the Bettney's rented pickup.  It just made it to the airport and then died.  So thankful to the people of Westney who supported us in prayer and financially, we felt Gods power and guidance all along the way.

Then we loaded onto our plane and headed to Miami.  Very sad to say goodbye to Honduras.  Such a contrast of wonderful people and yet some real violence, and beautiful countryside but terrible poverty.

Our transit through Miami was like a trip on the Amazing Race.  Trying to keep a large group of teens together and at our next boarding gate is a very stressful undertaking.  But we made it.  And even though we were promised our luggage would be put on our plane . . . it wasn't!  It took a few days but we all got it in the end.  Then we saw the lights of Toronto and our trip was over.

Thank you Westney!!  For all your support and prayers.  We knew we had God's help all along the way and we can testify that God is Good!

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