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Summer Missions Trip
Summer Missions Trip

Wayumi Expedition is a summer camp and a summer missions trip, all rolled into one. At our campus in Pennsylvania, your students will discover how they can be a part of reaching isolated people groups who have never heard the Gospel.

What is Expedition all about?

This is a chance for your students to ...

  • experience missions in a new, cool way
  • enjoy fellowship and fun with each other
  • “rough it” in Jungle Camp
  • visit our tribal village

Dates:  Sunday July 14 - Sunday July 21.

Cost:  $500  ( we plan on fundraising for some of this )

Limited spots:  We can take a few students who are in jr high this year, but you have to get your application in early.  Spots are limited.

We will be driving down to Pennsylvania and spending the week learning and experiencing missions to tribal groups.  Then the weekend will be a mixture of fun and travel back to Canada.

To register contact Pastor Bob at bob@westney.ca

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